The overall goal of Safety Reporting is to improve awareness and identify operational deficiencies by facilitating an open line of communication between the respective employee workgroups and management.

All directors and managers at Frontier Airlines have committed to their respective departments to promptly respond to a report that identifies problem areas.

It is the responsibility of every employee at Frontier Airlines to identify hazards. We thank you for your participation.

Aviation Safety Action Program

The purpose of ASAP is to identify significant safety concerns and issues; operational deficiencies; non-compliance with regulations; deviations from company policies and procedures; and safety events. Safety issues are resolved through corrective actions, rather than through punishment or discipline. This program allows employees to voluntarily disclose mistakes or errors.

For personnel involved in a safety event, even a serious one, the program promises the response to reports will be both non-punitive and non- disciplinary. Names are not important, events are.

Incident reporting

The purpose of incident reports is to identify safety and operational deficiencies that do not directly affect FAA issued certificates. You must report incidents if they are mandatory per company policy.

Fatigue Risk Management System

The purpose of the Frontier Airlines FRMS is to document events leading up to a fatigue call off. Crew members who call in fatigued are requested to submit a fatigue report.